On this science lesson plans page, I have decided to publish some lesson plan templates for science classes – something which I have neglected on this blog.

Introduction to Waves and Sound – Lesson Plan Template

Students should be asked to read the Looking Ahead section introduction to gain an understanding of the main chapter.   You should then ask the students to read the pages discussing sound and wave models.

As the students are doing this, they should be reading, speaking and making notes.  During this time a list of unknown words will be generated.

When the lesson finishes, students should be able to comfortably draw, label and  describe transverse and longitudinal waves, and also have the knowledge to compare them.

The Writing Template

Ask you students to fill out the blanks using their own words.

How does _______________ (name, place, idea or anything!) compare to ________________ (another name, another placeor similar)? Make sure that you include similarities and differences when comparing these two things.

For student activities follow the below links;

Understanding Vocabulary in Context

Previewing and Predicting

Read 1, Speak 3, Write 3.

Compare and Contrast Organizing.

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