There is not necessarily a “correct” way to create lesson plans, however there are components which you should aim to include:

  •     Desired Outcomes: What will your students learn within this lesson?
  •     Timescales: Whilst you don’t need to be accurate, how long do you expect each section of the lesson will take?
  •     Student Support: Not every child learns in the same way or pace, how will you divide your time?
  •     Content Timeline: Explain and define what will happen at each stage of the lesson.
  •     Outcomes: Decide how you will measure what each student has learned.

You can find more useful tips for lesson planning here. In creating lesson plans, lesson plan templates can ensure you cover everything you need to.
Lesson Plan Templates

In January this year I received an email from a teacher who asked for a Common Core (CCSS) lesson plan template.  The template I sent them can be found below.

The reason I like this particular lesson plan template is because it directs teachers on how they should use the Common Core State Standards, and the questions posed at the end help assess their lesson plan.

Pinterest is also a great source for lesson planning ideas. This board has lots of  ideas for you to utilise.

lesson plan template 1 CCSS lesson plan template 2 CCSS