When creating and blogging educational resources, I often omit lesson plans for Kindergarten teachers.

So, without further ado, I present to you the Dawson Education Co-Op‘s Colorful Time 3 day lesson plan.

Dawson Education Co-op

Within this Common Core lesson plan is a framework for 3 (or more) days worth of content to help teach children rhyme and how to identify the differences between poetry and stories.

The detailed instructions are on the lesson plan pdf, and all that are required are a selection of reading materials (a recommended selection are also on the pdf).  Remember, that the books which are recommended are just that – recommended, therefore adapting the lesson plan to your teaching style and/or your class.

This lesson plan focuses on the following Common Core standards –

  • Reading: Foundation Skills RFK2a
  • Reading: Literature RLK5

I welcome your comments on how this Kindergarten lesson plan helps you and your class.

Link to Download the Lesson Plan (Direct)