Free Lesson Plan Templates by Grade

This website provides many free templates and resources specifically designed for common core teachers and students. Below are a list of Free Lesson Plan Templates ordered by grade.

This list will keep growing as we create better common core resources for everyone. So make sure you check back regularly to find updated content.

We categorise common core templates by their grade, subject and duration. If you are looking for weekly lesson plan template then click the blue link in the text.

Common Core State Standards will require big changes and transitions for professional educators and we want to help. So search through our extensive common core lesson plan template to find a plan that is right you and your students.


For Teachers:

Common Core is pretty basic but I do not believe it is enough. There are skills that are left out that need our attention. Local historical and cultural skills is information students need to get. The cross- walk between state standards and Common Core is going to be a very important part of the transition to CC.

We as teachers need to step up and take ownership of the translation of common core in our own curriculum plan for the year. Yes it is going to be work but by using road maps and discussing “essential questions” will help to provide a base of student learning that will make more sense than a maligned once a year test and grade report.

You are most welcome to share with us your own common core resources. We are always open to new ways of planning lessons and lesson structures. Contact Us if you are feeling generous and if its good we will put it up on the website!

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