The National Reading Panel concluded that understanding phonics is exceptionally important to improving student reading achievements.

For educators, when teaching phonics comes down using worksheets. This form of teaching can be boring and often not linked to actual reading. Teaching Phonics  should take the form of  meaningful context.  One of the best methods is to utilise text which is known to students, such as popular books.


Diary of a Worm

diary of a worm lesson plan

The required materials for this lesson plan are Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin, pencils, paper and access to a computer or library where possible.

This lesson plan will take up to 45 minutes to introduce to your students and begin the research element.  Be sure to emphasize that the book is written in a diary style.

Ask your students to chose a character from the book, and to then begin writing their very own diary from their characters viewpoint. Remind the class that they may include illustrations.  The class should research their particular animal either on a computer or in a library which allow them to gather information for their diaries.  Encourage a group session to share how the students interpret their characters feelings etc.

After giving the class time to complete their project, reconvene to share their work with their classmates.

Lesson Plan Extensions

Create a resource from all of the diaries, and make it available whenever a student may request it.

Encourage recycling by installing a worm compost bin.

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You can purchase Diary of a Worm