I’ve seen and created lots of common core planning templates throughout my career, and  I’m sure you will have also. They’re created by people like us with the best intentions – where we want to be sure that all of the CCSS are being addressed. But what I tend to see is that these lesson plan templates have fantastic elements, but far too many of these elements!

Lesson plan templates are supposed to be a framework and a guide to assist us plan in a useful and timely way. But after developing a plan, do you not feel overwhelmed? There’re simply too much to think about and I find that after I’ve created a lesson plan template, I finish up having to write out my plans anyway.

That said, here’s the answer (hopefully!). The standards planning template below includes the elements I have found most helpful to me.

This Common Core Planning Template allows you to list many lessons I’m going to teach over the course of a unit, as we’re all aware that it’s nearly impossible to include every part of a Common Core Standard in one lesson.

Right click on the image. Select “save as” and then print it out. Simple and very effective.

Common Core Template Standard-Planner-1 Common Core Template Standard-Planner-2