For lots of teachers and their supporting staff, especially those who teach in low performing school districts where up to 90% of students are within a minority and are economically disadvantaged, they are concerned that the adoption of the Common Core and related assessments are ultimately designed to set their students up for what seems failure.

Therefore it is understandable that teachersare going  to be worried about their students’ ability to exceed the new expectations, if not at least meet them. This mindset from the outset means many are doomed to fail before they have even begun.Common Core Lesson Plan Template

The new Common Core Lesson Standards lend to the end results of what students are expected to know by the end of the acedemic year. What they do not tell you is which Common Core Standards to use to achieve a successful end result. The resposibilty is left to the most important people at the forefront – that is the teachers and their supporting staff to use their instincts to work out the most beneficial route to make their students succeed to the Common Core.

Using Common Core Lesson Plan Templates which are designed to the Common Core Standards is by far the best method for teachers for several reasons.

Firstly, using these kind of templates gives school staff the opportunity to teach at their own pace.  Another reason is it promotes inter-department collaberation between subjects, for example Math and Sciences. It also makes sure all staff are on track to complete the Common Core implementation. Probably most importantly is that using a common core lesson plan template allows teachers to use their own creativity when delivering their class and subject.

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