Children love to work on a routine and they perform better if they know what comes next. In fact, they love routine work so much, that if the class teacher forgets something, the children will clamor loudly in an effort to remind them. So, making use of a common core lesson plan template is good way to get children to work a fixed schedule. It gives them an easy to follow routine, which they can follow on a daily basis. The children will be at ease with a fixed schedule to work within and it increases the child’s learning ability.

Most schools and learning institutions do have their fixed schedules and opt to make use of a Editable Common Core Lesson Plan Template for creating the right environment in which children can learn their lessons well. Although, the use of these templates varies from one place to another, they can be customized to meet the needs of your school to ensure your children feel a sense of comfort with a regular flow of activity.

Common Core Lesson Plan TemplateThe day is divided into different parts

A common routine present in most common core lesson plan template is the setting up of a welcome break as children enter a classroom. The children get ready to keep their things in place and are greeted by their class teacher. Once that is done, they enter the respective area where they can play with various things as part of the play routine. This then becomes a part of their daily habit and teaches them to be punctual.

Once that activity is over, they are to then proceed according to the lesson template to the circle time zone. This is the time when the children sit around in a large circle in a predefined place, possibly on a rug. Here, the teacher will ask them various questions on things done, which could also relate to things done outside school hours and about the month, day, etc. Often they also talk about weather here and then proceed to the next teaching aspect scheduled.

Children find the idea of a schedule appealing

In the next segment of the schedule, that teacher is asked to place various topics before the children. These are usually based on predetermined topics and themes that are set for different parts of the week. Children are given a lot of encouragement to talk about motor skills, explorations, arts& crafts etc. Once this segment is over, the teacher will move over to the next step in the routine. Basically this a structured list of activities that ought to be followed by all concerned. The duration of these sessions can be long or short as is thought fit by the institution authorities. The intent of introducing the lesson plan template is to give the children a sense of discipline and get them to work on it with regularity.

Everyone learns to the habit of being organized as a part of daily routine and is one of the key ingredients that teach children its benefits and form an early habit. Every good school is one that introduces this and stands by the given schedules with regularity. Being regularly inculcated at a young age always goes a long way in showing kids the idea of forming a habit.

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