Below are a selection of Common Core History Lessons Plans. All are available for free in Word, and PDF. Some are available in Microsoft Excel.


Scroll through and find the best one for your needs.

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Common Core History Lessons Plan

Free Printable History and Geography Lesson Plan aimed at 1st Grade.



Lesson Plan Process:

  1. State Learning Targets: Have your students interact with the learning target.  Students may write down key words from the learning targets (i.e. end, story, or end).
  1. Access Prior Knowledge: Show the dog pictures and ask questions concerning your students’ knowledge on the subject matter.
  1. New Information: Introduce the new information and read the story.
  1. Application: Have students draw their story (process) pictures.
  1. Generalization: Review story process and assess students learning.
  1. Homework: Assign homework.

GANAG Process: